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From better shopping, over better planning to better business….life can be completely different with or without analytics. Because we - as analytics addicts - felt the need to share the most exciting news and stories that we encounter in this wonderful world of analytics, we have started this blog site.

Our goal? To have you visit this site whenever you are looking for some new and inspiring content about the world of analytics. We will aim to make it worthwhile by regularly adding blog posts on whatever has amazed, awed, inspired, enlightened or - every once in a while - annoyed us.

We hope you will enjoy these blog posts, and look forward to welcoming your feedback. What’s more, you can also contact us directly! The contact details of each blog contributor can be found on this site.

Disclaimer: although the content on this site is created by both SAS employees and/or content partners, the opinions, news items and other contributions on this site are not part of the official SAS communication. For the official SAS site, we refer you to the URL below.

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SAS is a leading vendor of business analytics software and services, and the biggest independent business intelligence vendor. Using innovative solutions within an integrated framework, SAS has helped customers in over 75,000 locations to improve their performance and business value by making better decisions more quickly. SAS has been providing their customers with ‘THE POWER TO KNOW’ since 1976. We are active in Belgium since 1989. Our office is located in Tervuren. More info:

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